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Swatch is a phenomenon risen out of the necessity to save the Swiss watch industry during the “Quartz-Crisis” of the late 1970s. Following this thought we are of the opinion, that the developmental steps of the Swatch watch represent an unique accumulation of perfect engineering, excellent contemporary design and intelligent marketing.

Swatch prototypes are the incorporation of this development and permit to slip into the steps of the geniuses behind the most popular piece of plastic ever.

Currently there are more Swatch prototypes being advertised than actually exist. This is possible due to a very flexible interpretation of the term ‘prototype’.

A real prototype is one preliminary version of a product which is planned to be put on the market. There can be several different prototypes until the final version is developed.

This site presents some nice examples of Swatch Gent prototypes from the earliest days back in 1981 up to 1986. Also featured are prototypes from the Art and Specials collections.

One of the most impressive Swatch collections to date is the Ex-Blum-Collection in Switzerland, now owned by an anonymous Chinese collector :


As special addition we will also present some Newseum pieces, selected Hybrids and unofficial limited creations!


There are no pictures taken from previous publications, all pictures shown on this site have been made either by the collector who owns them or by one of us.

All Swatches presented here are in private collections and are NOT for sale, please visit the ‘For Sale’ section for rare watches commissioned to us ! We take NO intermediary payments, you pay the seller directly!

If you want to sell Swatch prototypes or hybrids, if you would like to have your prototype or hybrid added to our virtual showcase or if you have any comment about the site, please use the contact form on the left.

We are not affiliated in any way with the Swatch group. This site is for educational purposes only and made by Swatch collectors for Swatch collectors!

24.11.2011  Hong Kong:   Blum-Collection sold at auction:

The very renowned auction house Phillips de Pury & Company has sold the Blum-collection consisting of about 4370 Swatches of which 795 prototypes, 187 variants and 43 hybrids on behalf of Laura Blum for USD 6’579’490 (including buyers premium). We would like to congratulate the winning bidder for owning one of the finest Swatch collections on the globe.


14/15.09. 2012 New York, Armory: Blum-Collection Exhibition

The Swatch group has been able to convince the anonymous Chinese collector, who is the new owner of the Blum-collection to exhibit some important pieces during the watch convention organized by ‘Timecrafters’ in the Armory at Park-avenue in NY mid September 2012. Of course we have mobilized all possible means to visit the exhibition and to take some pictures, some of which you can find below:

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